Friday, December 10, 2010

The Riches and McDonald's

I didn't get to have pizza last night. It didn't matter anyway since I was so glued to the TV rooting for Team Riches of the Philippines to win the 4th Amazing Race Asia.My daughter and I opted to have food delivered from McDonalds. She had the 6pc nuggets with Rice and I had the Chicken Fillet meal. I didn't eat the meal though while watching, I ate the Twister Fries and Monster Green Fizz Sprite McFloat. Oh so, so yummy while watching the race.

I'm so happy that the Philippines finally won this season. I feel sorry though for Hussein (and Natasha). He just couldn't go through the challenge because of severe phobia. I don't blame him though after what happened in Sri Lanka. At his age, pushing that wire-crossing thing could have ended in a disaster with him having a stroke. It just wasn't Indonesia's time this season, in my opinion.

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Photo courtesy of The Amazing Race Asia Facebook Fan Page

The highlight of the finale though was when Rich Hardin proposed to his girlfriend Andrea. Congratulations Team Riches and to the Philippines. Congrats too to Richard and Andrea.

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yey, congratz Team Philippines!

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