Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pork Binagoongan - Putsi Ko Noy

I totally love their food. Even this Pork Binagoongan. Yes I can cook this, but buying it from them saves me from all the preparation and the smell it leaves the house when cooking the bagoong.

Even my little Missy ate it, the bagoong and the Pork. The Pork was tender so she didn't have a hard time chewing it, as with other pork dishes. I know it's still best to cook your own food, but for such a bargain price, sometimes I think it's more practical to buy it. Saved on washing everything you will use, pots, pans, etc. Saved time for prep and cooking. Saved time from washing the dishes afterwards too.

Just a couple more dishes I haven't tried from them but I'm pretty sure we'll try them all out real soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I was about to cook when...

I'm soooo late. I had to do a couple of things that it was almost 12 noon before I could prepare lunch for me and the little Missy.

So I had the rice cooking of the rice cooker while I prepared our food. When the rice was done, and food prepared (not cooked yet), I go to the kitchen and voila... no more gas!

Now I have to wait an hour or more for the gas to be delivered. I said "or more" because I need to charge up my old phone to get the dealer's phone number. Charging it up takes at least 20 minutes before it turns on. Ugh!!!

I should have just called Putsi Ko Noy or McDonald's or something. Oh well... gotta go pressure my phone to open.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Putsi ko Noy

Friends, meet Putsi 'ko 'Noy.

I've tried more than 5 of their dishes already and I can say I am very satified. I'll try and look for the pics I took.. will upload soon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hotdogs and Onions, with Ketchup on the side please.

Okay, so ketchup really wasn't "on the side" but I thought it sounded good! For the story of this dish, please read my post about it on My Tots Exactly! soon.

Hotdogs (with cheese is better :D), cut diagonally
Onions cut in circles
Banana ketchup
oil for frying (or add a little spot of butter)
some soy sauce to taste

Serve with steaming hot rice!

Hope you enjoy your Hotdogs and Onions, with Ketchup "ON IT". Have fun!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beef Caldereta - Putsi ko Noy

Yesterday was Crispy Dinuguan. Last night we tried their Beef Caldereta. I must say, we've only ordered 2 items from their menu but I'm impressed.

Photo copyright by My Tummy Calls. May not be used or reproduced without permission.

Daddy and I still think the serving is good enough for 3, or 2 maybe if you're really famished. I agree that the foil where it was wrapped in was pretty oily, I can't complain though since it was delivered by a scooter. It had about 10-12 pieces of beef (bigger than bite size), peas and lots of cheese. I say lots because some big restaurants don't even put cheese anymore. The sauce wasn't too spicy either, in fact my little Missy ate the sauce and cheese with her rice and she loved it.

With the success of their Crispy Dinuguan and Beef Caldereta, I'm looking forward to trying out their other dishes. We've already planned to order Kare-Kare (Beef and Twalya) and Crispy Pata on Sunday. Or maybe, we can even try out something else later tonight. With all these great stores just around the village, sometimes I find it more economical to just buy, hopefully not everyday though.

And, they also serve Rice, so all I had to do was wash the dishes and utensils afterwards :) Oh and the pitcher of juice and glass we used.

Click photo to enlarge

Putsi 'ko 'noy is located at 268 Rose Ave., Pilar Village, Las PiƱas City
Phone number for delivery: 632.543.8671
Also accepts bulk orders.
They have a small area if you want to eat there, maybe good for 6 to 8 people.

I'll try to post another entry when I've taken a picture of their location when we pass them by on the weekend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crispy Dinuguan

Last Sunday, we had lunch at my mom's house. Since we were running late, we decided to just buy something as our share. We found this great little store along one our villages main road. We weren't actually buying for there, but from the store next to it, but the tarp bearing their dishes intrigued us. The first that got both our attention was... Crispy Dinuguan.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture as eveyone dug in as soon as we opened it. Everyone loved it! I love dinuguan but hate that most of the time they contained innards. With this one, it was made from Crispy Liempo then cooked in Dinuguan Sauce! Love, love, love it! I haven't had enough of it yet, so maybe later tonight, I can have them deliver and this time I'll be sure to take a pic. And, I'll also post a pic of their menu once uploaded.

For those in Pilar Village, the store is along Rose Ave. and named Putsi 'ko 'Noy. It where the old Kowloon House store used to be, right in front of Discovery Drug.