Thursday, November 11, 2010

I was about to cook when...

I'm soooo late. I had to do a couple of things that it was almost 12 noon before I could prepare lunch for me and the little Missy.

So I had the rice cooking of the rice cooker while I prepared our food. When the rice was done, and food prepared (not cooked yet), I go to the kitchen and voila... no more gas!

Now I have to wait an hour or more for the gas to be delivered. I said "or more" because I need to charge up my old phone to get the dealer's phone number. Charging it up takes at least 20 minutes before it turns on. Ugh!!!

I should have just called Putsi Ko Noy or McDonald's or something. Oh well... gotta go pressure my phone to open.

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KC said...

Ahhh!!! What a day! Let me comfort you by saying...worst things happen, you know! ^__^

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