Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My own lumpia: Tuna and Pepper Wrap

This was first posted in my original blog My Tots Exactly! last March 13. I had this idea with tuna and chilis but that's just what it was, an idea. Now I've tried it twice and it's really delicious!

Anyway, below is the post from the other blog.

As I was scouring recipe sites for seafood recipes, I my remember the days when I was still "working". A food provider sold a unique kind of "lumpia" (wrap) that I always had to buy when they catered. I know there's pepper because I see the stalk at the end of the wrap, and I do recall the taste of tuna. So I'm hoping to do some experiment and see if I can replicate the dish.

I would need:
  • green finger peppers
  • can of spicy tuna
  • garlic
  • onion
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • lumpia (spring roll/pastry) wrappers

I'm pretty sure you can conclude how to cook this but let me try it first before I actually recommend it. There might be some ingredients missing but I'll know as I'm cooking. Watch out for a follow up blog and pictures, of course.

UPDATE (03.22.2010)~~

Since my Lola and sister ate this with us, I decided to skip the "spicyness".

Initially, I intended:
  • a can of spicy tuna
  • finger peppers to be split open but not sliced, seeded but pulp intact and won't be washed after seeding

  • Used Tuna in brine
  • Peppers sliced in half lengthwise and removed seeds (and pulp). Washed again to minimize spicyness
  • Added strips of cheese, and
  • Cut the peppers when they tend to curve to make is easier to wrap them

I served them with crushed garlic in mayo the first time, and sweet chili sauce the 2nd time. They both tasted great!

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