Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Potluck of sorts

Of sorts... doesn't sound good, right? Here's how it happened.

My uncle called last Monday to let us know that he wants a family get-together on Sunday (June 13th). It was to be a pool party in a private resort near our area. Not bad really, but the thing is, it's so hard to plan for food and drink sets when you have to coordinate with almost 5 people and rush it. They don't even reply on the same day you asked them! I had to go back and forth several times just to ask if they want a detailed menu planned or to at least match what everyone will bring.

Everyone in the family wasn't really choosy about food. What we were all after was some bonding time. Anyway, it was concluded that we just bring whatever we had that day, no plans, no arrangements. Just cook whatever you have and bring it as your "share". A Potluck of sorts.

As a result, what we had were hotdogs on sticks for the kids, ground pork afritada, grilled pork belly, steamed fish for the main food and drink all-you-can iced tea. My uncle also brought fruits from a province they visited earlier in the day. We had pineapple, watermelon, and jackfruit for dessert... yum! Ah, the taste of summer!

The kids swam almost all day while the adults... well, ate most of the time. It was great and we enjoyed our time so much. We just didn't bank on hard rain coming down at 4pm so it was a little crazy packing everything up. Still, it was so much fun.

I just wish that next time will be a little more organized. It would be great if we had more assortment of food and drink choices for everyone, kids and adults alike. Actually, I would love to be able to bring some of those cookie baskets I saw online for the children to enjoy. Yes kids, because the adults will get to feast on chocolate baskets, yay! I've seen some great priced ones online and can't wait to try them out next time, if my funds will allow me. What's great is that they also have coffee k-cups available, and that is a must for everyone.. especially if you have kids to look after. I definitely need coffee, anytime, anywhere. Speaking of which, I need a cuppa, now, with some biscuits.

Lots of love. Happy munching!


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Sounds like fun, rain and all.
Nice to meet you.

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