Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pork Binagoongan - Putsi Ko Noy

I totally love their food. Even this Pork Binagoongan. Yes I can cook this, but buying it from them saves me from all the preparation and the smell it leaves the house when cooking the bagoong.

Even my little Missy ate it, the bagoong and the Pork. The Pork was tender so she didn't have a hard time chewing it, as with other pork dishes. I know it's still best to cook your own food, but for such a bargain price, sometimes I think it's more practical to buy it. Saved on washing everything you will use, pots, pans, etc. Saved time for prep and cooking. Saved time from washing the dishes afterwards too.

Just a couple more dishes I haven't tried from them but I'm pretty sure we'll try them all out real soon.


Kristel said...

yummy... how much is one order of that?

geejay f.nepomuceno said...

sis kahit saan ba nag dedeliver sila?

Unknown said...

supper yummy! it makes me crave for it

Fishlover said...

Hi there, gosh im drolling right now with ur binaogongan. I found ur site thru adgitized. and i clcik ur add. hope u viist mine and dont forget to click my ad. thanks.

jules67 said...

My , oh my, I wish I could still eat Pork Binagoongan, which is one of my favorites. I am making a conscious effort not to eat too much pork. Well, I guess I just have to satisfy myself with just looking at it. :)

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